Awake demos

The cover of the Awake Demos

Awake Demos 1994
is a collection of demos by Dream Theater of songs from the album Awake. It was released by Mike Portnoy on his YtseJam Records label. Unlike previously released demo collections, no instrumental versions of the songs are included, and the song Eve is notably absent, as well as several other demos.

Personnel Edit

Tracklist Edit

1. Scarred (Petrucci) 11:17

2. 6:00 (Moore) 5:31

3. The Mirror (Portnoy) 10:15

4. Caught in a Web (Petrucci, LaBrie) 5:46

5. Erotomania (Instrumental) 6:33

6. Voices (Petrucci) 9:31

7. The Silent Man (Petrucci) 3:47

8. Lie (Moore) 5:04

9. Lifting Shadows Off a Dream (Myung) 6:14

10. Innocence Faded (Petrucci) 5:43

11. Space-Dye Vest (Moore) 7:19

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