Breaking All Illusions
A Dramatic Turn of Events
Length 12:25
Working title (Unknown)
Release date 13th September 2011
Lyrics John Myung, John Petrucci
Music Dream Theater
First live performance
Total live plays
Recorded Cove City Sound Studios
Other appearances Live at Luna Park
Previous song Far from Heaven
Next song Beneath the Surface

Breaking All Illusions is the eighth and longest track on Dream Theater's eleventh album, A Dramatic Turn of Events - a spiralling progressive rock odyssey, with long instrumental passages.

This is the first song John Myung has written the lyrics for in 12 years, his last contribution before this having been Fatal Tragedy, on Scenes from a Memory. Although John Petrucci and former drummer Mike Portnoy have always rewritten John Myung's lyrics to better fit the songs, this is the first time that Myung's co-writer has been credited in the liner notes.


  • Breaking All Illusions' lyrics are the first to be co-written in 6 years, since the title track to Octavarium in 2005.
  • The lyrics are also first to receive a dual authorship credit since You Not Me in 1997. Other such multiple authorships include Caught in a Web, Take the Time, and Status Seeker.
  • The keyboard main riff is very similar as found in "Dancing Stars on Me", by μ's.
    • (By dual authorship, we mean the entire body of lyrics was collaborated on, as opposed to an anthology format whereby individual authors are credited for separate sections, like Octavarium and Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence.)