Dream Theater - Breaking the Fourth Wall

The DVD cover the "Breaking the Fourth Wall"

Breaking the Fourth Wall is the seventh live album by Dream Theater, recorded on March 25th, 2014 at the Boston Opera House, during their Along For the Ride Tour. It was released on CD, DVD and Blu-ray on September 29th. A live version of The Looking Glass was released on August 21st on YouTube prior to the release of the album, and Strange Déjà Vu was later uploaded on September 15th.

It is the second live release to feature Mike Mangini, and also features the Berklee College of Music "World Strings" and "Concert Choir" on Illumination Theory. Scene Two: Overture 1928, Strange Déjà Vu, Scene Seven: The Dance of Eternity and Scene Nine: Finally Free.

Personnel Edit

Tracklist Edit

Disc One Edit

1. The Enemy Inside (Petrucci) 6:18

2. The Shattered Fortress (Portnoy)12:45

3. On the Backs of Angels (Petrucci) 8:48

4. The Looking Glass (Petrucci) 4:46

5. Trial of Tears (Myung) 15:23

6. Enigma Machine (instrumental) 8:21

7. Along for the Ride (Petrucci) 4:53

8. Breaking All Illusions (Myung, Petrucci) 12:29

Disc Two Edit

9. The Mirror (Portnoy) 6:47

10. Lie (Moore) 7:56

11. Lifting Shadows Off a Dream (Myung) 6:27

12. Scarred (Petrucci) 11:41

13. Space-Dye Vest (Moore) 7:48

14. Illumination Theory (Petrucci) 19:25

Disc Three Edit

15. Scene Two: Overture 1928 (instrumental) 3:41

16. Strange Déjà Vu (Portnoy) 5:09

17. Scene Seven: The Dance of Eternity (instrumental) 6:16

18. Scene Nine: Finally Free (Portnoy) 9:56