The cover for the fan club CD.

Cleaning Out the Closet
is the fourth fan club CD released by Dream Theater, which was released in 1999. The album is ostensibly a collection of rare tracks and b-sides, chronicling the songs that did not make it onto Images and Words, Awake and Falling Into Infinity. It also has the earliest footage of Jordan Rudess as a member of Dream Theater, as part of a CD-ROM extra.

Personnel Edit

Tracklist Edit

  1. Don't Look Past Me (Moore) 6:23 - February 1990, with overdubs recorded in 1999 for this CD.
  2. To Live Forever '91 (Petrucci) 4:26 - May 1991
  3. To Live Forever '94 (Petrucci, Moore) 4:55 - Summer 1994
  4. Eve (Instrumental) 5:10 - Summer 1994
  5. Raise the Knife (Portnoy) 11:35 - March 1996
  6. Where Are You Now? (Petrucci) 7:26 - March 1996
  7. The Way it Used to Be (LaBrie) 7:47 - July 1996
  8. Cover My Eyes (Petrucci) 3:21 - January 1997
  9. Speak to Me (LaBrie) 6:10 - February 1997

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