Descent of the NOMACS is the first track from Dream Theater's album The Astonishing.

Analysis Edit

In the year 2285, the NOMACS (Noise Machines) appear over the Emperor's palace on New Maineland. A small 'army' of the drone-like machines is seen with one main NOMAC hovering in the foreground scanning the city in a display of control and supremacy. NOMACS were initially conceived by people in their quest to create the world's most perfect music, but instead turned into something much more insidious. Born out of the vacuum created as a result of the suffocation of human expression, along with exponential advances in technology over time, they stand as the only semblance of entertainment remaining in the world. NOMACS music is now the only music anyone knows or listens to, and the only music that still exists. The very soul of what was once real music is now lost in a digital quagmire of emotionless sonic madness.

Lyrics Edit

Instrumental only

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