Far from Heaven
A Dramatic Turn of Events
Length 3:56
Working title (Unknown)
Release date 13th September 2011
Lyrics James LaBrie
Music Dream Theater
First live performance
Total live plays
Recorded Cove City Sound Studios
Other appearances
Previous song Outcry
Next song Breaking All Illusions

Far from Heaven is the seventh track on Dream Theater's eleventh album, A Dramatic Turn of Events.

The lyrics, which deal with the subject of pushy parents, were written by James LaBrie, and are the only lyrics on the album that John Petrucci did not have a hand in writing. Far from Heaven is the shortest song on the album, and is musically connected to Breaking All Illusions.

Lyrics Edit

No one truly has the answers
Every day
I struggle through it once more
Keep things bottled up
Never speaking my mind
I'm doing just fine

Every day I
Put a brave face on
Serves me well
Feeling helpless
Facing it alone
Hard to tell
That I
Can't change who I am
How I feel
There's no end

I have done
What you asked of me
Leaves me nothing to live for

Coming undone
Way too high a price
I should pay
You keep your pride
While I die inside
Every day
No I
Can't lie anymore
Won't pretend
I've done
All I can

You can't imagine
The hell I'm going through
Not asking you to save me
I'm too far from Heaven

Nothing you can do
To change me
But accept me
As I am

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