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Systematic Chaos
Length 05:35
Working title Jet Lag
Release date June 4th, 2007
Lyrics John Petrucci
Music Dream Theater
First live performance 6/12/2007 Katowice, Poland (Chaos in Motion - 1st European Leg)
Total live plays
Recorded Avatar Studios
Other appearances Chaos in Motion, Forsaken EP
Previous song In the Presence of Enemies
Next song Constant Motion
Dream Theater - Forsaken OFFICIAL VIDEO05:38

Dream Theater - Forsaken OFFICIAL VIDEO

Forsaken is the second single and the second track from Dream Theater's ninth studio album, Systematic Chaos. Like the lead single, Constant Motion, it features a music video, which is in an anime style, and does not feature the band at all except as photographs in the background of one scene. It was released as an EP online, and wasn't available for download as a physical copy.



For a while I thought I fell asleep
Lying motionless inside a dream
Then rising suddenly I felt a chilling breath upon me
She softly whispered in my ear
Forsaken, I have come for you tonight
Awaken, look in my eyes
And take my hand
Give yourself up to me
I waited painfully for not to fall again
Trying to silence the fear within me
Out of an ivory mist I felt a stinging kiss
And saw a crimson stain on her lips
I have to know your name
Where have I seen your face before?
My dear one don't you be afraid
Forsaken, I have come for you tonight
Awaken, look in my eyes
And take my hand
Give yourself up to me
Take me far away
Close your eyes
And hold your breath
To the ends of the earth
Forsaken, I have come for you tonight
Awaken, look in my eyes and take my hand
Forsaken, fly away with me tonight
Awaken, renew my life
Now you are mine
Give yourself up to me


Its lyrics are about a man who is visited by a vampiress. He believes that he's seeing beautiful things, where his blood is actually being sucked by vampiress. The "crimson stain on her lips" alludes to the blood that she has taken from him.


Forsaken is one of Dream Theater's more poppy songs, however the intro features a heavy guitar riff. It's five and a half minutes long, the shortest song on the album, making it more accessible to mainstream listeners.


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