Gigantour is a live compilation album from various artists, released to chronicle Gigantour. Dream Theater co-headlined most of the tour, though they eventually left and were replaced by Anthrax. The CD contains two tracks by Dream Theater. Gigantour is also available on DVD.

Dream Theater Personnel Edit

Tracklist Edit

Disc One Edit

1. Panic Attack (Dream Theater) 7:07

2. The Glass Prison (Dream Theater) 13:10

3. Caught in a Mosh (Anthrax) 5:02

4. I am the Law (Anthrax) 6:44

5. The Day He Dies (Life of Agony) 3:17

6. Love to Let You Down (Life of Agony) 3:32

7. Paper Tiger (Dry Kill Logic) 3:48

8. Better Than Me (Bobaflex) 2:29

9. Medicine (Bobaflex) 2:29

Disc Two Edit

1. She Wolf (Megadeth) 3:35

2. A Tout Le Monde (Megadeth) 4:31

3. Kick the Chair (Megadeth) 4:08

4. Transgression (Fear Factory) 4:55

5. Archetype (Fear Factory) 4:40

6. Born (Nevermore) 4:59

7. Enemies of Reality 4:51

8. Inferno (Symphony X) 5:12

9. Of Sins and Shadows (Symphony X) 5:41

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