The cover for the fan club CD

Images and Words 15th Anniversary Performance is the 10th fan club CD by Dream Theater, released in 2007, and the first fan club CD to be released by Voices UK. The CD contains the band performing the entire album Images and Words live in Bonn, Germany; one of several shows where the band performed the entire album to celebrate its 15th anniversary.

Personnel Edit

Tracklist Edit

1. Pull Me Under (Moore) 8:27

2. Another Day (Petrucci) 5:08

3. Take the Time (Portnoy, Petrucci, LaBrie, Moore) 10:41

4. Surrounded (Moore) 13:03

5. Metropolis (Petrucci) 10:13

6. Under a Glass Moon (Petrucci) 7:29

7. Wait For Sleep (Moore) 3:25

8. Learning to Live (Myung) 13:10

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