Length 06:34
Working title Kittens on Crack
Release date 4th October, 1994
Lyrics Kevin Moore
Music Dream Theater
First live performance
Total live plays
Recorded One On One Studios and Devonshire Studios
Other appearances Lie (EP), Greatest Hit (...and 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs), Graspop Festival 2002, Awake Demos, Los Angeles, California 5/18/98, Tokyo, Japan 10/28/95, Old Bridge, New Jersey 12/14/96
Previous song The Mirror
Next song Lifting Shadows Off a Dream

Lie is a song by Dream Theater. It is the eighth song from their third album, Awake. Lie was the first single, EP and video release from the album and the most successful song from the album.

Lie EP

The single cover for Lie

Personnel Edit

Lyrics Edit

at the bottom of lake
it's a hundred degrees I can't breathe
And I won't get out
'til I figure it out
Though I'm weak like I can't believe
So you tell me 'trust me' l can trust you
Just let me show you
But I gotta work it out in a shadow of doubt
'cause I don't know if I know you

Doing fine but don't waste my time
Tell me what it is you want to say
You sin, you win, just let me in - hurry
I've been out in the rain all day
So you tell me 'trust me' I can trust you
as far as I can throw you
And I'm trying to get out of a shadow of doubt
'cause I don't know if I know you

Don't tell me you wanted me
Don't tell me you thought of me
I won't, I swear I won't
I'll try, I swear I'll try

Mother Mary quite contrary
Kiss the boys and make them wary
Things are getting just a little bit scary
It's a wonder I can still breathe

Never been much of a doubting Thomas
but nothing breaks like a broken promise
You tell me 'bout your two more coming
but once is just enough for me

I had gotten used to being a soul destroyed
She comes in apparently to fill the void
All dogs need a leash and
at least I'll forget it
And she would never hurt me though
she's never said it
But I'm not gonna ask her today
I don't wanna scare her away
Your town, I'm all alone
and I just can't stare at the phone
I wanna talk about lifelong mistakes
and you can tell your stepfather I said so

Analysis Edit

Lie includes themes of betrayal, with both points of view, about not wanting to give up on somebody who is a lost cause, but then realizing that they're worthless in the end. A deceitful, hurtful person who is willing to do all that they can to milk another person for personal gain. Portnoy has claimed that Lie, much like all of Moore's lyrics from Awake, it is really about Moore's desire to leave the band.

Tone Edit

Lie continues many of the themes from The Mirror, as it flows directly from that song and in demo form was part of it. Lie, much like The Mirror, is one of the heavier songs on Awake, though it is musically much lighter than The Mirror. As it was originally part of the same song, it contains many musical quotes from The Mirror and also Space-Dye Vest.

Notes Edit

Lie was originally part of "Puppies on Acid" in its demo form. After being split into two songs, this second part took on the name "Kittens on Crack" in it's demo form. The video for Lie, which received some airplay, is a simple performance video set in New York City, which is most notable for not having a keyboardist, as Moore had already left the band, but had not yet been replaced by Derek Sherinian.

Live Performances Edit

Live performances of Lie are somewhat common, though not nearly as much as The Mirror. The song has become somewhat less common after Moore left the band, much like most of Moore's songs.

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