Live scenes from a memory

The original cover art for Live Scenes From New York

Live Scenes From New York
is the third live album by Dream Theater, released on September 11, 2001. This is the first triple-disc release the band have put out. The album is mostly notable for its release date, which due to the terrorist attacks on that day and the surprisingly similar artwork of New York burning, led to the album being recalled and re-released later with a different cover art.

Personnel Edit

Tracklist Edit

Disc One Edit

1. Regression (Petrucci) 2:46

2. Overture 1928 (Instrumental) 3:32

3. Strange Déjà Vu (Portnoy) 5:02

4. Through My Words (Petrucci) 1:42

5. Fatal Tragedy (Myung) 6:21

6. Beyond This Life (Petrucci) 11:26

7. John & Theresa Solo Spot (Instrumental) 3:17

8. Through Her Eyes (Petrucci) 6:17

9. Home (Portnoy) 13:21

10. The Dance of Eternity (Instrumental) 6:24

Disc Two Edit

1. One Last Time (LaBrie) 4:11

2. The Spirit Carries On (Petrucci) 7:40

3. Finally Free (Portnoy) 10:59

4. Metropolis (Petrucci) 10:36

5. The Mirror (Portnoy) 8:15

6. Just Let Me Breathe (Portnoy) 4:02

7. Acid Rain (Liquid Tension Experiment) (Instrumental) 2:34

8. Caught in a New Millenium (Petrucci, Labrie, Portnoy) 6:21

9. Another Day (Petrucci) 5:13

10. Jordan Rudess Keyboard Solo (Instrumental) 6:40

Disc Three Edit

1. Erotomania (Instrumental) 7:22

2. Voices (Petrucci) 9:45

3. The Silent Man (Petrucci) 5:09

4. Learning to Live (Myung) 14:02

5. A Change of Seasons (Portnoy) 24:35

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