Live at budokan

The album cover for Live at Budokan

Live at Budokan is the fourth live album by Dream Theater released on September 5, 2004. It is also available on DVD. The album is notable for the venue it was recorded at, the Nippon Budokan Hall, where many famous acts had recorded live albums previously.

Personnel Edit

Tracklist Edit

Disc One Edit

1. As I Am (Petrucci) 7:25

2. This Dying Soul (Portnoy) 11:44

3. Beyond This Life (Petrucci) 19:37

4. Hollow Years (Petrucci) 9:18

5. War Inside My Head (Portnoy) 2:22

6. The Test That Stumped Them All (Portnoy) 5:00

Disc Two Edit

1. Endless Sacrifice (Petrucci) 11:18

2. Instrumedley (Instrumental) 12:15

3. Trial of Tears (Myung) 13:49

4. New Millenium (Portnoy) 8:01

5. Jordan Rudess Keyboard Solo (Instrumental) 3:58

6. Only a Matter of Time (Moore) 7:21

Disc Three Edit

1. Goodnight Kiss (Portnoy) 6:16

2. Solitary Shell (Petrucci) 5:58

3. Stream of Consciousness (Instrumental) 10:54

4. Disappear (LaBrie) 5:56

5. Pull Me Under (Moore) 8:38

6. In the Name of God (Petrucci) 15:49

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