Live at the marquee

The album cover for Live at the Marquee

Live at the Marquee
is the first live album by Dream Theater released on September 3, 1993. The album is known for not being available domestically, and for having differing import versions. The album is also somewhat known for its use of overdubs, as James LaBrie was suffering a cold the night it was recorded.

Personnel Edit

Tracklist Edit

1. Metropolis (Petrucci) 9:36

2. A Fortune in Lies (Petrucci) 5:10

3. Bombay Vindaloo (Instrumental) 6:48

4. Surrounded (Moore) 6:00 (European release only)

4. Another Day (Petrucci) 4:37 (Japanese release only)

5. Another Hand/The Killing Hand (Petrucci) 10:30

6. Pull Me Under (Moore) 8:42

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