6:00A Change of Seasons (album)A Dramatic Turn of Events
A Dramatic Turn of Events TourA Fortune in LiesA Life Left Behind
A Nightmare to RememberA Rite of PassageA Sort of Homecoming
A VisionAct of FaytheAfterlife (Dream Theater)
Another Day (album)Another Day (song)As I Am
AwakeAwake DemosBegin Again
Beneath the SurfaceBerklee College of MusicBlack Clouds & Silver Linings
Blind FaithBreaking All IllusionsBreaking the Fourth Wall
Bridges in the SkyBuild Me Up, Break Me DownCaught in a Web
Chaos in Motion (cd)Charlie DominiciChosen
Chris CintronChris CollinsCleaning Out the Closet
CollectionConstant MotionDark Side of the Moon (cd)
Derek SherinianDescent of the NOMACSDisappear
DominiciDream TheaterDream Theater's Discography
Dream Theater (album)Dream Theater WikiDystopian Overture
East West RecordsEndless SacrificeEnigma Machine
ErotomaniaFalling Into InfinityFalling Into Infinity Demos
False Awakening SuiteFar from HeavenForsaken
Forsaken EPFour Degrees of Radio EditsGigantour (cd)
Graspop Festival 2002Gravity Falls A Very Happy Honklidays Awake Era StyleGravity Falls Awake Era Style
Gravity Falls a Very Happy HonkidaysGreatest Hit (...and 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs)Happy Holidays 2013
Hollow Years (album)Honor Thy FatherI Walk Beside You
Images and TourImages and WordsImages and Words 15th Anniversary Performance
Images and Words DemosImages and Words Live in TokyoIn the Name of God
In the Presence of Enemies: The Heretic and the Dark MasterInnocence FadedInternational Fan Club Christmas CD
Jacus the Red-Nosed Boy and the Island of Misfit ToysJames LaBrieJohn Hendricks
John MyungJohn PetrucciJordan Rudess
July 4, 2011 Rome, Italy (Ippodromo Delle Capannelle)Kevin MooreLearning to Live
LieLie (album)Lifting Shadows Off a Dream
Light Fuse and Get AwayLiquid Tension ExperimentLiquid Tension Experiment (album)
Liquid Tension Experiment (band)Lisa MyungLive Scenes from New York
Live at Budokan (cd)Live at Luna ParkLive at the Marquee
Los Angeles, California 5/18/98Lost Not ForgottenMade in Japan
Maiden HeavenMajesty ShowsMaster of Puppets (album)
Mechanic/MCA RecordsMeta album cycleMetropolis
Mikael AkerfeldtMike ManginiMike Portnoy
MisunderstoodNegative timeNever Enough
New MillenniumNew York City 3/4/93Nightmare Cinema
November 14, 1989OctavariumOctavarium (album)
Octavarium (song)October 25, 1986October 4, 1992
Old Bridge, New Jersey 12/14/96On the Backs of AngelsOnce in a LIVEtime
Once in a LIVEtime OuttakesOnly a Matter of TimeOutcry
Panic AttackProgressive Nation 2008Prophets of War
Pull Me UnderRaw DogRepentance
Roadrunner RecordsRushSacrificed Sons
ScarredScene Eight: The Spirit Carries OnScene Nine: Finally Free
Scene One: RegressionScene Seven: The Dance of EternityScene Six: Home
Scene Three: Through My WordsScene Two: Overture 1928Scenes from a Memory
Scenes from a World Tour (album)Score (cd)September 25, 1986
Six Degrees of Inner TurbulenceSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence (album)Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (song)
Space-Dye VestStargazerStatus Seeker
Steve StoneStrange Déjà VuStream of Consciousness
Stream of Consciousness (album)SurroundedSystematic Chaos
Take the TimeTaste the MemoriesThe ATCO Demos
The Answer Lies WithinThe AstonishingThe Best of Times
The Champ Awake Era StyleThe Count of TuscanyThe Dark Eternal Night
The Dinosaur KingThe Dinosaur King 1 1/2The Dinosaur King 2 Aladar's Pride
The Enemy InsideThe Glass PrisonThe Great Debate
The Killing HandThe Land Before Time Awake Era StyleThe Looking Glass
The Majesty DemosThe Majesty SymbolThe Making of Falling Into Infinity
The Making of Scenes from a MemoryThe Ministry of Lost SoulsThe Mirror
The Number of the Beast (album)The Number of the Beast (song)The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun
The Root of All EvilThe Shattered FortressThe Silent Man (album)
The Silent Man (song)The Twelve-Step SuiteThese Walls
This Dying SoulThis is the LifeThrough Her Eyes (album)
Tokyo, Japan 10/28/95ToursTrain of Thought
Train of Thought Instrumental DemosTrial of TearsUncovered 2003-2005
Under a Glass MoonVacantVoices
Wait for SleepWhen Dream and Day ReuniteWhen Dream and Day Unite
When Dream and Day Unite DemosWhen Dream and Tour UniteWhen the Keyboard Breaks: Live in Chicago
Winter Rose (band)WinterspellWither
YtseJam RecordsYtse Jam
File:12 steps.jpgFile:250px-MCA Logo.svg.pngFile:300px-Roadrunner Records Logo.svg.png
File:4degofradioedits.jpgFile:543701 367909283258746 157429814 n.jpgFile:ATCO.jpg
File:A Change of Seasons.jpgFile:A Dramatic Turn of Events.pngFile:A Rite Of Passage (Official Video)
File:Afterlife.jpgFile:Awake.jpgFile:Awake '1994.jpg
File:Awake demos.jpgFile:B1lt7erWniS. SL600 .jpgFile:Berklee Seal.png
File:Black Clouds.jpgFile:Caughtinaweb.jpgFile:Cintron.jpg
File:Cover 18171122008.jpgFile:D-Madeinjapan.jpgFile:D-Master-Of-Puppets-520061.jpg
File:DSC01556.jpgFile:Dark side of moon.jpgFile:Dominici.jpg
File:Dream Theater-The Number Of The Beast-Frontal.jpgFile:Dream Theater - 6 00 (Six O'Clock)File:Dream Theater - A Change of Seasons
File:Dream Theater - A Fortune in LiesFile:Dream Theater - Another DayFile:Dream Theater - Another Day-0
File:Dream Theater - Breaking the Fourth Wall.pngFile:Dream Theater - Bridges In The SkyFile:Dream Theater - Build Me Up And Break Me Down Lyric Video
File:Dream Theater - Constant Motion OFFICIAL VIDEOFile:Dream Theater - Forsaken OFFICIAL VIDEOFile:Dream Theater - Greatest Hits -2008-.jpg
File:Dream Theater - LieFile:Dream Theater - Pull Me UnderFile:Dream Theater - Pull Me Under-0
File:Dream Theater - SurroundedFile:Dream Theater - Take The TimeFile:Dream Theater - The Dark Eternal Night In-Studio
File:Dream Theater - The Enemy Inside OFFICIAL VIDEOFile:Dream Theater - The Looking Glass OFFICIAL VIDEOFile:Dream Theater - The Root of All Evil Lyrics
File:Dream Theater - The Silent ManFile:Dream theater japan.jpgFile:Dreamtheater2013cd.jpg
File:Dt2013 happy holidays.jpgFile:Eastwest2.jpgFile:Enemy inside.jpg
File:Example.jpgFile:Falling Into Infinity.jpgFile:Favicon.ico
File:Feature.pngFile:Forsaken EP.jpgFile:Forum new.gif
File:Front.jpgFile:Graspop.jpgFile:Hang with Us.jpg
File:Images and Words.jpgFile:Index.jpgFile:International Fan Club Christmas CD 1996.jpg
File:LaBrie.jpgFile:Lie EP.jpgFile:Live at budokan.jpg
File:Live at the marquee.jpgFile:Live scenes from a memory.jpgFile:Majesty-small.gif
File:Majesty.pngFile:Majesty demos.jpgFile:Meanstreak.jpg
File:Mike-Mangini-300x237.jpgFile:Mike-mangini DT.jpgFile:Mkingoffalling.jpg
File:OnceInALIVEtimeOuttakes.jpgFile:Once in a livetime.jpgFile:Petrucci.jpg
File:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.png
File:Placeholder person.pngFile:Portnoy.jpgFile:Prognation.jpg
File:Scenes From a Memory.jpgFile:Scenesfromaworldtour.jpgFile:Score.jpg
File:Sherinian-derek-5003b86e33c28.jpgFile:Silent man.jpgFile:Six Degrees.jpg
File:Systematic Chaos.jpgFile:Tok-lrg.jpgFile:Totid.jpg
File:Train of Thought.jpgFile:WS.jpgFile:WS Dingbatz.jpg
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