Nightmare Cinema was a parody rock band formed in 1997. Appearing only during encores, this band consisted of members of Dream Theater playing an instrument other than their instrument of choice, with James LaBrie remaining the vocalist. They would usually play Perfect Strangers by Deep Purple, but on one occasion, the played Ozzy Osbourne's Suicide Solution.

Masterminded by Derek Sherinian, Nightmare Cinema was active between 1997 and 1999. Nightmare Cinema ended after Sherinian was replaced by Jordan Rudess, despite Rudess also being a capable guitarist. Sherinian would later name one of the songs on his solo album Black Utopia "Nightmare Cinema" after this band.

Band membersEdit

  • James LaBrie (as Abdul Matahari): Vocals
  • Derek Sherinian (as Nicky Lemons): Guitar
  • Mike Portnoy (as Max Del Fuvio): Bass
  • John Myung (as Juice Malouse): Keyboards
  • John Petrucci (as Johnny James): Drums

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