The cover for the fan club CD.

Once in a LIVEtime Outtakes
is the third fan club CD by Dream Theater, released in 1998. The album contains unused tracks from the Paris shows that became Once in a LIVEtime, mostly including the cover songs and b-sides the band did.

Personnel Edit

Tracklist Edit

1. Eve (Instrumental) 4:25

2. Speak to Me (LaBrie) 6:12

3. Lifting Shadows Off a Dream (Myung) 7:10

4. Hey You (Pink Floyd) 4:31

5. The Silent Man (Petrucci) 5:06

6. Cover My Eyes (Petrucci) 4:33

7. Mean Street (Van Halen) 1:28

8. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John) 3:09

9. Anna Lee (LaBrie) 6:32

10. To Live Forever (Petrucci, Moore) 7:32

11. Thank You's 3:23

12. Bad (U2) 6:06

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