The cover for the fan club CD

Progressive Nation 2008
is the 11th fan club CD by Dream Theater, released in 2008. It is the 2nd fan club CD to be released by Voices UK. The CD contains various performances from the first Progressive Nation tour.

Personnel Edit

Tracklist Edit

1. Intro 1:26

2. Also Sprach Zarathustra (instrumental) 1:32

3. In The Presence of Enemies: The Heretic and the Dark Master Pt 1 (Petrucci) 8:54

4. Beyond This Life (Petrucci) 11:14

5. Misunderstood (Petrucci) 8:21

6. Erotomania (Instrumental) 7:08

7. Voices (Petrucci) 10:03

8. Repentance (Portnoy) 10:43

9. The Dark Nintendo Night (Instrumental) 2:57

10 Encore Medley (Petrucci, Myung, Portnoy) 15:00

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