The album cover for the Score CD

Score is the fifth live album by Dream Theater, released on August 29, 2006. It is also available on DVD. Score chronicles the band's 20th anniversary show at Radio City Music Hall and is notable for the band being joined on stage by a full orchestra for the second half of the show.

Personnel Edit

Band Edit

Octavarium Orchestra Edit

  • Jamshied Sharifi
  • Elena Barere - (Concertmistress)
  • Yuri Vodovos
  • Belinda Whitney
  • Avril Brown
  • Katherine Livolsi
  • Abe Appleman
  • Joyce Hammann
  • Karen Karlsrud
  • Ann Leathers
  • Ricky Sortomme
  • Jan Mullen
  • Carol Pool
  • Vincent Lionti
  • Adria Benjamin
  • Judy Witmer
  • Crystal Garner
  • Jonathan Dinklage
  • Richard Locker
  • Eugene Moye
  • David Heiss
  • Caryl Paisner
French Horn
  • Bob Carlisle
  • Dan Culpepper
  • Larry DiBello
Bass Trombone
  • George Flynn
  • Pamela Sklar
B Flat Clarinet
  • Ole Mathisen
  • Jeff Kievit
  • Jim Hynes
  • Gordon Gottlieb

Tracklist Edit

Disc One Edit

1. The Root of All Evil (Portnoy) 8:22

2. I Walk Beside You (Petrucci) 4:11

3. Another Won (Petrucci) 5:22

4. Afterlife (Dominici) 5:56

5. Under a Glass Moon (Petrucci) 7:29

6. Innocence Faded (Petrucci) 5:36

7. Raise the Knife (Portnoy) 11:43

8. The Spirit Carries On (Petrucci) 9:46

Disc Two Edit

1. Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (Portnoy, Petrucci) 41:33

2. Vacant (LaBrie) 3:01

3. The Answer Lies Within (Petrucci) 5:36

4. Sacrificed Sons (LaBrie) 10:38

Disc Three Edit

1. Octavarium (LaBrie, Petrucci, Portnoy) 27:16

2. Metropolis (Petrucci) 10:39

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