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Cover 18171122008

The cover for the fan club CD.

Taste the Memories
is the seventh fan club CD by Dream Theater, released in 2001. The album was released to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Images and Words, and contains live footage from the tour to support that album

Personnel Edit

Tracklist Edit

1. Mission: Impossible (Instrumental) 1:21

2. Afterlife (Dominici) 6:08

3. Under a Glass Moon (Petrucci) 7:13

4. Wait for Sleep (Moore) 3:49

5. Moon Bubbles (Instrumental) 9:52

6. To Live Forever (Petrucci) 12:18

7. Only a Matter of Time (Moore) 6:43

8. Puppies On Acid (Instrumental) 1:56

9. Take the Time (Portnoy, Petrucci, LaBrie, Moore) 10:48

10. A Change of Seasons (Portnoy) 19:42

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