Majesty demos

The CD cover for the Majesty Demos

The Majesty Demos 1985-1986
is a tape created by Dream Theater in their early days when they went by the name "Majesty". The demos were pressed onto cassettes and distributed at shows and sent out to various music press. The demos were also copied and distributed eagerly by fans, eventually also being availalbe on CD. In 2003, Portnoy released an official version of The Majesty Demos through YtseJam Records, which contained many other tracks recorded during that time, as well as the original six tracks.

Personnel Edit

Tracklist Edit

Original 1986 Demo Edit

  1. Another Won (Petrucci) 5:27
  2. Your Majesty (Lyricist Unknown) 3:56
  3. A Vision (Moore) 11:24
  4. Two Far (Moore) 5:25
  5. Vital Star (Moore) 5:44
  6. March Of The Tyrant (Petrucci) 5:34

2003 YtseJam Re-Release Edit

  1. Particle E. Motion (Instrumental) 1:38
  2. Another Won (Instrumental) 5:26
  3. The Saurus (Instrumental) 1:23
  4. Cry For Freedom (Instrumental) 6:31
  5. The School Song (Instrumental) 6:12
  6. YYZ (Rush) 4:03
  7. The Farandole (Traditional) 3:16
  8. Two Far (Instrumental) 5:40
  9. Anti-Procrastination Song (Stormtroopers of Death) 0:13
  10. Your Majesty (Instrumental) 3:56
  11. Solar System Race Song 0:17
  12. I'm About to Faint Song 0:09
  13. Mosquitos In Harmony Song 0:12
  14. John Thinks He's Randy Song 0:10
  15. Mike Thinks He's Dee Dee Ramone Introducing a Song Song 0:16
  16. John Thinks He's Yngwie Song 0:15
  17. Gnos Sdrawkcab 0:23
  18. Another Won (Petrucci) 5:27
  19. Your Majesty (Lyricist Unknown) 3:56
  20. A Vision (Moore) 11:24
  21. Two Far (Moore) 5:25
  22. Vital Star (Moore) 5:44
  23. March of the Tyrant (Petrucci) 5:34

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