The Making of Scenes from a Memory is an Official Bootleg by Dream Theater released by Mike Portnoy on his YtseJam Records label. The CD is similar to The Making of Falling Into Infinity as it contains basic tracks for the writing of Scenes from a Memory. Also included is the original version of the album before selected tracks were remixed by Kevin Shirley, which is presented as "The Alternate Mix"

Personnel Edit

Tracklist Edit

Disc One Edit

1. Regression Outtakes 2:02

2. Overture 1928 Live Alternate Take 3:43

3. Strange Deja Vu Basic Tracks 5:01

4. Fatal Tragedy Basic Tracks 4:01

5. Beyond This Life Basic Tracks 7:02

6. Through Her Eyes Alternate Take 4:50

7. Home Writing Sessions 6:31

8. Home Rehearsal 7:02

9. The Dance of Eternity Rehearsal 2:57

10. The Dance of Eternity Writing SEssions 5:53

11. The Spirit Carries On Rehearsal 5:11

12. The Spirit Carries On Choir Session Outtakes 6:42

13. The Spirit Carries On John Petrucci Vocal Demo 2:34

14. Finally Free Alternate Vocals and Outro 5:32

15. Finally Free Original Sequencer Demo 7:42

Disc Two: The Alternate Mix Edit

1. Opening Scene (Instrumental) 1:22

2. Regression (Petrucci) 1:39

3. Overture 1928 (Instrumental) 3:38

4. Strange Deja-Vu (Portnoy) 5:18

5. Through My Words (Petrucci) 1:55

6. Fatal Tragedy (Myung) 6:15

7. Beyond This Life (Petrucci) 11:30

8. Through Her Eyes (Petrucci) 6:03

9. Home (Portnoy) 13:03

10. The Dance of Eternity (Instrumental) 6:15

11. One Last Time (LaBrie) 3:50

12. The Spirit Carries On (Petrucci) 6:48

13. Finally Free (Portnoy) 11:51

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