12 steps

An unofficial cover for the Twelve Step Suite.

The Twelve-Step Suite is a group of five songs spread across five albums, from Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence to Black Clouds & Silver Linings. The lyrics were all written by Mike Portnoy, and each one deals with his recovery from alcoholism. Each of the song contains two or three movements, which represent the Twelve Step program used by Alcoholics Anonymous. Each song is is dedicated "to Bill W. and his friends," which is a reference to Bill Wilson, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.


Songs involvedEdit

The Glass Prison - from Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

  • I. "Reflection"
  • II. "Restoration"
  • III. "Revelation"

This Dying Soul - from Train of Thought

  • IV. "Reflections of Reality (Revisited)"
  • V. "Release"

The Root of All Evil - from Octavarium

  • VI. "Ready"
  • VII. "Remove"

Repentance - from Systematic Chaos

  • VIII. "Regret"
  • IX. "Restitution"

The Shattered Fortress - from Black Clouds & Silver Linings

  • X. "Restraint"
  • XI. "Receive"
  • XII. "Responsible"


There is a very interesting in-depth analysis of the suite's lyrics (and the unofficial prequel, The Mirror) posted on Geeks with Taste by author Sachi, which you can read here.

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