Under a Glass Moon is a song by Dream Theater. It is the sixth song on their second album, Images and Words. Despite never being released as a single, Under a Glass Moon is one of the band's more popular songs.

Personnel Edit

Lyrics Edit

Tell me
Remind me
Chase the water racing from
the sky
Always beside me
Taste the memories running
from my eyes
Nervous flashlights scan my
Liquid shadows silence their
I smile at the moon
Chasing water from the sky
I argue with the clouds
Stealing beauty from my eyes

Outside the soundness of your
Bathing your soul in silver tears
Beneath a blackened summer sky
Praying for time to disappear

Beneath a summer sky
Under glass moonlight
Night awaits the lamb's arrival
Liquid shadows crawl
Silver teardrops fall
The bride subsides to her

By your hand
I've awakened
Bear this honor in my name

Analysis Edit

The exact meaning of the song is unknown, due in no small part to the heavy use of metaphor. It is believed that the song is spiritual in nature, perhaps even specifically religious.

Tone Edit

Under a Glass Moon is one of the heavier songs on Images and Words, known for its signature opening and crunching riff. The song is mid-tempo, and contains one of Petrucci's more famous guitar solos.

Notes Edit

In a testament to the strange titles Dream Theater songs can have before lyrics are written for them, Under a Glass Moon was originally known as "The Battle of Jimmy Cocoa and Fish-Face".

Live Performances Edit

Under a Glass Moon is one of the most common songs played live from the album, other than Pull Me Under and Metropolis. Live performances are usually fairly straightforward, though Jordan Rudess has been known to expand on the keyboard parts, often adding small humorous solos.

Appearances Edit

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