When Dream and Day Reunite is an Official Bootleg released by Dream Theater by Mike Portnoy on his YtseJam Records label. The album contains the second set of a show in Los Angeles in 2004 where the band performed the entire album When Dream and Day Unite to celebrate it's 15th anniversary. Also included is the encore, in which the band was joined onstage by former members Charlie Dominici and Derek Sherinian.

Personnel Edit

Tracklist Edit

1. A Fortune in Lies (Petrucci) 5:23

2. Status Seeker (Petrucci, Dominici) 4:38

3. Ytse Jam (Instrumental) 6:10

4. The Killing Hand (Petrucci) 12:30

5. Light Fuse and Get Away (Moore) 8:29

6. Afterlife (Dominici) 5:45

7. The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun (Petrucci) 7:53

8. Only a Matter of Time (Moore) 4:54

9. To Live Forever (Petrucci) 4:54

10. Metropolis (Petrucci) 14:20

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